Thee Glassy Lady
Hand Painted Wine-Champagne-Martini-Beer-Pilsnar Glasses

About the Artist
Heidi Moorefield

I have had a passion for drawing and painting since I could hold a crayon.  I would collect color books and color every picture in the entire book in one day, being sure to keep within the lines, make it as pretty as I could.   I remember drawing "Lassie" and my mom framing it.  I had a 'mad' love for animals of all kinds but mostly for the horses.  I started drawing 'life-like' horses by the age of 10.  If you could ask any of my childhood friends and family  what they remember most about me, they will tell you about the horse drawings.

My artwork continued into adulthood.   I had always ridden and owned horses most of my life and when I started to attend horse shows, I would bring my horse drawings and paintings to display.  Soon I had many people wanting me to draw or paint their own horses.   And from that I had done more drawings and paintings than I can remember.  I had also connected with a friend that wanted me to "burn" my horse designs onto her custom leather coats.  I would 'burn' a horse design onto the back of the leather coats, with my burning tools.   She would send me the back portion of her "very expensive Italian leather" and I would design a horse...absolutely no room for mistakes here!   Then she would take that portion and sew it into the coat.    

    Then about 10 years ago, my best friend was having her 40th Birthday and I decided to do something special for her.  We all loved to drink our wine and being from wine country  this gift for her just seemed perfect.  I painted four wine glasses for her with "The Ladies" on them and one glass with her in a Bikini that said. "40 and Fabulous".  Well ever since then, everyone has wanted me to paint them glasses.  I recently started coming up with new designs and idea's to sell....and well the rest is history.   When my friends are at my house, they each have their own hand painted glass of themselves.  NO ONE ever gets there glasses mixed up or lost.  I have sent my hand painted glasses as far as Australia, England, Japan, Canada, etc.   They have been shipped through out the USA as well in a very short period of time. 

  I honor nothing less than perfection in my work.   Every glass takes 3 to 4 layers of paint, they are done in detail (even painted toe nails for some),they are heat treated for wash-ability and are just "a lot of fun" to have around for any occasion.  Many of them are adorned with sparkles and some with Swarovski crystals.   They always make a great conversation piece.  

Please take the time to browse through the website and enjoy! 

I invite you to come and experience fun, on a glass.
They will be the 'life of any Party'.

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We will be happy to answer any of your questions and work with you as much as possible to get you the glass you desire.


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