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Happy Birthday!!!

Any glass design on this page
can be replaced with ANY Birthday number.

21st Birthday Glass

Front and back of "21st Birthday" Glass

Front says "21" and on the base it says "Finally LEGAL" with lots of confetti swirling all around the stem.  There are Swarovski Crystals on the front in the bluish '21' frame, and crystals outlining the blue lines on the base.   Green frame around the 21 has sparkles.(guys...a "21st" Beer mug is being created for YOU....Check in soon for that one) 

Back  says, "Birthday Diva" and has pink flowers with swarovski crystals in the center of each one in pink.  Blue crystals surrounding in the yellow, and the yellow frame sparkles.   At the base it says "Party Animal" on top of pink & white Zebra print, which also sparkles.

Both Sides of the "21st Birthday" Glass

Side one:  has 7 balloons floating off with colorful strings.
Yellow, pink and green balloons have sparkles. 

Side two:  has party hats, candles and confetti.  Bottom and top
of hats have sparkles and all the candles sparkle too.

Base of glass says : "Finally LEGAL" and "Party Animal"
painted on top of a pink zebra print
With Swarovski crystals on blue lines.

Glass is hand washable 
16 oz Wine Glass 

 21 Glass is $40  
(priced due to Swarovski crystals on glass)


30th Birthday Glass



There are sparkles on some of the balloons, candles and cupcake!
Wording says:  "Birthday Diva, Make a Wish"


40th Birthday Glass


There are sparkles on the grape leaves and edge of border!
The wording says:  "Aged to Perfection"


50th Birthday Glass


There are sparkles on some of the balloons!  
The wording says: "Aged like fine wine, complex & fruity"


60th Birthday Glass


There are sparkles on the white cake!  
The wording says:  "Age is important only if your wine or cheese"

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We will be happy to answer any of your questions and work with you as much as possible to get you the glass you desire.

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