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Customized Pilsner Tall Beer Glasses

One of my "unusual" requests

The Bride wanted the bridesmaids to all be done in Brown and Pink.

One in her Cheerleading outfit

One in her Soccer Uniform

Two where Pregnant

One in a normal dress

The Bride wanted to be in a Champagne colored dress with her two little dogs at her side.


Custom Pilsner Tall Beer Glasses, look at the side of the "Vanessa" glass (who is the Bride).  You will see two dogs she wanted by her feet.  These where custom designed for the Bride and all her bridesmaids.   Definitely one of my unusual requests.  These where her gifts to her bridesmaids, and they loved them.

The Groom and his Groomsmen

The Groom is on the left.  In his Racing Biker outfit.  One of his groomsmen, likes the 50's look--Fonzie Type.

On the left is California Fireman, and the bride wanted him to have a ball-and-chain around his I said, unusual requests.  The man on the right likes guns.

The man on the left plays guitar.  And the man on the right worked for UPS.....also with a ball-and-chain. 

As you can see....anything is possible on a glass.

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