Thee Glassy Lady
Hand Painted Wine-Champagne-Martini-Beer-Pilsnar Glasses

Custom Glasses ~ 3

This was a Custom Wine glass a friend did for another
friend of her dog for a Birthday Gift!


A young man contacted me to do a special
birthday glass for his mother with a quote
he felt fit her.  lol   Super cute!!


This was a bunch of BFF's that wanted their own social glasses
every time they got together.  3 where wine drinkers and!
They each had their "own" special quote on the back of each glass.
Very CUTE!!!


These ladies, Connie & Stella, obviously LOVE to play the SLOTS!!  So we did Wine glasses honoring the pastime they both seem to really enjoy doing together.


A woman asked me if I could paint her best friends
Corgi's on a Wine Glass for her birthday.  "Well of coarse",
I said.  The picture she gave me was of two darling little Corgi's
hiding behind some pumpkins.  So that is how I painted it.
She LOVED it!!  Meet Winston and Lilly.


Customized "30th" Birthday Glass with all this young
ladies favorite things......being the Shamrock! 
She LOVED was giving to her by her BFF.


A "30th" Birthday Customized Beer Glass from one friend
to another.  She really really LOVED this glass.


A daughter requested this Beer Glass done for her father.
Everyone was quite Please :D

I was asked if I could do some special glasses for these young
Lady Beauty Queens.  So we decided to do them on Large
Restaurant style fancy water glasses.  The girls where all
Very happy with each and every one :D

1. Missette Butte County 2. Missette 1st Runner up  3. Miss Butte County

1. Miss Teen County  2.  Miss Teen Butte County  4.  Miss 1st Runner Up  5. Miss Teen First Runner Up

As you can see....anything is possible on a glass.

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We will be happy to answer any of your questions and work with you as much as possible to get you the glass you desire.

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