Thee Glassy Lady
Hand Painted Wine-Champagne-Martini-Beer-Pilsnar Glasses

Custom Wedding, 5

The Bride wanted all the girls in their bridesmaid dresses.   She had TWO maids of Honor and wanted them with Sun Flowers, two ladies where Pregnant and she wanted Hearts painted on their bellies, and a Special Glass of her mother for her mother.   The rest of the ladies held white/blue roses.


Each glass had the their Names and Date of the Wedding

Actual Unveiling of the Glasses to the Brides bridesmaids.

The actual wedding party (less two bridesmaids ~ they where pregnant).   I got the Brides permission to post the picture.  Isn't it one of the most beautiful pictures you have ever seen?  The colors are just gorgeous!  They where married in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Custom Pricing:  Bride & Groom Champagne Glasses
Set of 2 - $100 (champagne & wine glasses only)
Set of 2 - $125 (crystal glasses)
Bridesmaids/Groomsmen $40 each glass (wine, champagne, pilsner beer glass)

I personally like the champagne glass because the dress is showed off much more effectively than a wine glass.

Depending on the dress or design I will add "sparkles"
and sometimes Swarovski Crystals.

However, if you want more crystals added than the norm (between two and six) 
then there will be an added charge. 

Bride and Groom are usually much more work than other custom glasses, with jewels and sparkles
A replica of the Brides dress, veil, etc.   I want them to be perfect for "their perfect day".
This is a definite "ONE OF A KIND" glass that can never be duplicated. 
A great memory for any Bride and Groom.
(Includes the first names and Wedding date)

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