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Design A Bride

To order:

Beautiful Bride & Groom Glasses designed for those of you who do not want to pay the "Custom" prices.

Design your own Bride.
There are many choices available for "A to Z"  
Pick "one" from each category and Design-a-Bride...simple as that!

There cannot be any deviations from the categories.  There is no changing of "anything" .  If you wish to have something changed or added then I recommend the "Custom Bride". 

Please reserve your glass 4-6 weeks prior to Wedding Date.

$40.00 each

(Since the Bride glasses are Semi-custom, all payment must be made in advance before starting any Order)

Bride Dress Design:
1. One Shoulder Bridal Gown
2. Halter Bridal Gown
3. Sweetheart Neckline Bridal Gown
4.  Square Neckline with Scallop Straps

(A)  Up-do
(B)  Pony Tail
(C)  Short Hair
(D)  Long Hair

Hair Colors:
(E)  Blonde
(F)  Red/Auburn
(G)  Brown
(H)  Black

Eye Colors:
(I)  Green
(J)  Blue
(K)  Hazel
(L)  Brown

(M)  Long with headband
(N)  Waist length with headband
(O)  No Veil with headband
(M1)  Long without headband
(N2)  Waist Length without headband
(O3)  No Veil, no headband

Dress Colors:
(P)  White
(Q)  Ivory

Floral Boquet Colors:
(R)  Red
(S)  Yellow
(T)  Pink
(U)  Green
(V)  Orange
(W)  Purple
(X)  Blue
(Y)  White
(Z)  Ivory

Skin Colors:

(A1)  Dark Brown
(B2)  Tan

Examples Below:

Bride #1  One-Shoulder Bridal Gown

(A)  Up-do    (G)  Brown hair    (K)  Hazel Eyes 
(M)  Long veil with headband   (Q)  Ivory color dress 
(U)  Green Floral Boquet   (C3)   Beige Skin tone

 To order it would be as follows:   Bride #1-A-G-K-M-Q-U-C3

Bride #2  Halter Bridal Gown

(B)  Pony Tail  (H)  Black Hair  (L)  Eyes Brown
(M1)  Long Veil, no headband   (Q)  Ivory color dress 

(R)  Red floral boquet  (C3)  Beige Skin tone

To order it would be as follows:   Bride #2-B-H-L-M1-Q-R-C3

Bride #3  Sweetheart Neckline Bridal Gown

(D) Long Hair   (E)  Blonde Hair  (J)  Blue Eyes 

(O)  No Veil with headband  (P)  White color dress 

(S)  Yellow floral boquet  (C3)  Beige Skin tone

To order it would be as follows:   Bride #3-D-E-J-O-P-S-C3

Bride #4  Square Neckline with scallop straps

(C)  Short Hair  (F)  Red/Auburn hair  (I)  Green Eyes 

(N)  Waist length with headband  (P)  White color dress
(W)  Purple floral boquet  (C3)  Beige Skin tone

To order it would be as follows:   Bride #4-C-F-I-N-P-W-C3

It is as simple as that!

Please email your order and Thee Glassy Lady will follow up on procedure.

If you have any questions, or would like to place an order go to: 

contact page  

call or email:

(209)  474-6894 

We will be happy to answer any of your questions and work with you as much as possible to get you the glass you desire.

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