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Goddess Glasses

To order:

This will be a Series of Goddess Glasses.
Each with a history and meaning behind them.  Each glass takes hours to incorporate with many layers of paint, swarovski crystals and sparkles. 

Enjoy the Goddess within yourself through each glass.  Pick which one suits you best or get the whole series.

$45 per glass 

(turn up sound for video, please give it a few seconds to start)
AMPHITRITE ~ Goddess of the Sea
She is painted to reflect as the Guardian of the seas.  The dolphin who jumps into her hands as she offers her protection.  She streams from the sparkling sands up to the glass where her hair is replicated as waves and surrounds the whole circumference of the glass. She wears her crown done with blue and white swarovski crystals. She wears sparkly white star fish on her ears and wrist. A beautiful sparkling silver and white shell on her chest. Some of the blue strands in her hair sparkle like diamonds on water. The moon sparkles of bright white. The dolphins are shinny in silver, grey's and blue's. The base represents the sparkling sands meeting with the ocean.

This is truly Art On A Glass
The glass is signed under the base by the artist
Heid Moorefield






Hestia ~ Goddess of Fire
She is painted as the beauty, warmth and protector of Fire.  The blue flames that flow from her head represent her calm nature surrounded by her firey shield.  No one can touch her without her wanting to be touch.  Her hair surrounds her in beautiful flames of red, orange and yellows.  The flames go around the glass.   All the colors have sparkles.  She glitters in the sun light.  The chest of the dress has swarovski cystals in Reds and Blues.   She is wearing a crystal blue ring on her right hand.   Her flaming dress goes all the way down the stem and spralls out on the base.  
Truly "Art on a Glass".
The glass is signed under the base by the artist
Heidi Moorefield   



Goddess of Earth
She is the protector of the earth, rivers, tree's and mountains.  Her body lays next to a lake where she is dressed in flowers.  Her hair becomes the hills and mountains of the earth.  Her gentle hands support the beautiful waterfalls.  She wears a crown of jewels that represent the beauty of the earth of which she takes careful pride. 
Her crown is made with Swarovski Crystals and all the hills have sparkles as does the  lake.  There is a sparkling happy little "sun" on the opposite side, which has a beaming smile.   Very proud of her work.

Truly "Art on a Glass".
The glass is signed under the base by the artist
Heidi Moorefield    


Coming SOON!!!
Goddess of the Wind    

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