Thee Glassy Lady
Hand Painted Wine-Champagne-Martini-Beer-Pilsnar Glasses


Custom Glass Pricing

Do one for yourself, your friends, family, etc.  
No one will ever get their glasses mixed up or lost again. 
Thee Glassy Lady glasses make the perfect Gift for any occasion. 

Do your entire "Wedding Party", this makes a great gift for all of them.

Do a customized "logo" glass.   The adventures are endless.....

 1 to 24 - $40
All custom glasses start at $40 per glass.  If you wish to add another addition to your customized glass, such as a animal or object.  The price will depend on the degree of difficulty & time.   For customized Logo's pricing depends on degree of difficulty & time.   

All Custom Orders must be discussed with Heidi, the artist before payment.
(Some additional changes in pricing may apply.)

All orders must be paid in full  for custom orders before work will start on any custom order.  If paid by check the check must clear before work will start.
We accept All major credit cards, check, and cash.


For a custom order contact Heidi here:
or (209) 474-6894


Custom Pricing:  Bride & Groom Champagne Glasses

Set of 2 - $100 (champagne & wine glasses only)
Set of 2 - $125 (crystal glasses)

Depending on the dress or design I will add "sparkles" 
and sometimes Swarovski Crystals.

However, if you want more crystals added more than the normal amount (between two and six) 
then there will be an added charge.

I personally like the champagne glass because the dress is showed off much more effectively than a wine glass.

Bride and Groom are usually much more work than other custom glasses, with jewels and sparkles.  A replica of the Brides dress, veil, etc.   I want them to be perfect for "their perfect day".  This is a definite "ONE OF A KIND" glass that can never be duplicated.  
A great memory for any Bride and Groom.
(Includes the name and date or JUST MARRIED on the backside of glass)


Buy-it-Now~ Glassware

Available in all skin colors for ALL glasses:   
dark browntan or beige

Prices are as follows:
$30 each

with exception to:
Fairyland Girls $40 ea,
Las Vegas Showgirls $35 each or $120/set of 4 
Pony Pets  $25 ea,
New Beginnings Butterflies  $25 ea
Wild Animal Print Ladies  $35 each or $120/set of 4

Following pre-made glasses available:

The Girlfriends  
Blue Jean Babes
Sexy City Girls
Girls of Fall
Red Hat Ladies
The Cool Guys
Pony Pets
New Beginnings Butterflies

The Cowgirls
The Cowboys
Las Vegas Showgirls/Casino girls  (Pilsner tall only)  
Beer Buddies (Beer mug only)
English Riding Gals

Available in all skin colors for ALL glasses:   dark brown, tan, & beige


Holiday Glasses Available Now!

Halloween Vixens
$30 each

Christmas Gals
$30 each

Let it Snow (Snowmen)
$25 each

Valentines Day
7 heart design $18.00  ( 6 oz. Champagne)
9 heart design $12.00  (6 oz. Champagne)

7 heart design $18.00  (10.5 oz. wine glass)
14 heart design $25.00 (10.5 oz. or 16 oz. wine glass)

9 heart design $20.00 (8.5 oz. Martini)

 9 heart design Pilsner Tall Beer Glass $20.00

*Swarovski Crystals add an additional $5.00

Specialty Valentines "Sweetheart" Glasses

Wine Glass 18 oz................$45 each
Martini Glass 8.5 oz................$35 each
Tall Pilsner Beer Glass................$40 each


Fairyland Girls

10.5 oz. Wine glass only
$40 each
Their wings sparkle with glitter
(each glass has great details involved)


Goddess Glassware:
15 oz Wine glass

$45 each


Birthday Glasses

$45 for
21st Birthday
(reason 21st is more is crystals are added)

$40 ea
30th  Birthday
40th  Birthday
50th  Birthday
60th  Birthday

And all other birthdays in between!


Design A Bride & Groom
$40 each!
You have A to Z choices to design your
Bride & Groom Toasting glasses.
(This is NOT a custom order)
You can find them under:  
Design A Bride
 Design A Groom


Breast Cancer Glasses

10.5 oz  Wine "Hearts" Glass $20
16 oz  Wine  "Hearts" Glass  $25

25% of all sales will go to National Breast Cancer Foundations, Inc



Occupational Glasses
Horse Feathers
Zany Zebra's
 Cow Pajamas
Cat Tales
Bow Wow's

New Years 
4th of July
St. Patrick's Day


If you have any questions, or would like to place an order go to: 

contact page  

call or email:

(209)  474-6894 

We will be happy to answer any of your questions and work with you as much as possible to get you the glass you desire.


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